The Feeling You Get When ...


Oct 3, 2005
We all know the feeling we get when we get that new purse, wallet, pair of jeans etc.. What is the feeling you get when you are on your way to get your new item and after you have purchased it? Add any experiences you have had.

Getting my Balenciaga Bag: I was going downtown to get it, and I took my brother with me. We first went to eat and I was so excited to get my new purse that I was rushing through my food. When I got into the store I "casually" speed-walked through the purse dept. and there it was. It was definitly love at first site. I walked out with a huge smile on my face :biggrin:.


Mar 2, 2006
I am usually very excited before I get a new purse. But I always end up with a buyer's remorse when I walk out of the store. BUT, when I get home and look at how beautiful my new purse is, I'm all happy again :smile:


I need more cowbell, baby
Dec 15, 2005
Any LV piece I buy. It literally feels like I'm on a high when I'm driving to the store, walking into the store and walking out. I want to walk slower so the feeling lasts longer!!!!! I wish there was a 12-step program to this! LOL!:lol: