The feeling you get when expecting your purchase

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  1. Today I am expecting my LV purchase and I am soo excited. Could the mailman please arrive now!! I finally purchased the LV Evidence sunglasses I was a little concerned whether this style suits me that´s why it took me that long to decide as they have been on my wish list for almost half a year lol.
  2. I always look and see is it here? Has the mail came? Its about time now lol
  3. Lol I basically just sit by the window and wait for him to come. Errands for that day? Nope not anymore lol!
  4. Same here lol, I cannot concentrate on studying for an upcoming exam ;)
  5. Or the feeling you have in the store even better ;)
  6. I know the exact feeling, I'm waiting now!
  7. No now it says it is going to be delivered tomorrow, I cannot wait :sad: Have been waiting all day lol
  8. Ohhhh... I always check the tracking status.. One time it says it has been delivered but i checked and it still not in i called up yoogis right away and complained. Then they told me i have to wait by 9 am since thats the time of mail delivery...i was embarrassed haha i was so excited...
  9. It is so exciting, my heart goes pitter patter while I wait for LV!

  10. It will be worth the wait!
  11. Tomorrow's the weekend so you can spend all day staring at it and filling it up...I think my job would look at me funny if I did that while at work :smile:

    I'm dying to just get the confirmation that mine has shipped. I think I'll be a nervous wreck when its actually do to arrive.
  12. I just had mine delivered a little bit ago. W PM in galet, but I'm disappointed. The color is a little darker and has a gray cast to it. I'm not in love with it in person. It's a beautiful bag, but the color isn't working for me and none of the other colors are really making me want to get them either. So back it will go and so will all that money back onto my CC :smile:
  13. Hope you get it tomorrow as early as possible :smile:
  14. I'm way too impatient to order anything online so I always drive 45 mins- an hour to my closest boutique to purchase my items. Plus they're cheaper in Hawaii than online. Hope yours arrives soon!
  15. I love the excitement of something new being delivered but it drives me crazy at the same time. Every time I hear a vehicle turn down my street, I'm peeking out the window. And I swear that I hear phantom Fedex brakes all day until it arrives...drives me mad. :wacko: