The FedEx stork brought my new babies in!

  1. I live with only my boyfriend, we have the freedom of sleeping with the bedroom door open. And a good thing too, because I was woken up at sometime past 11AM by someone knocking on my front door. So I hurried to open it, and there was the FedEx man, with a big envelope and a HUGE box! According to the tracking number from eLuxury, I wasn't supposed to receive anything until about 4:30PM, but this one came super early!

    And now, here's my Beat The Price Increase loot:



    Damier Papillon 30

    Monogram Canvas Batignolles Horizontal


    Vernis Bedford Perle


    And here, Madame La Batignolles flanked by Mesdames Les Papillons


    So what was in the big envelope?

    Le Catalogue Maroquinerie



    I've always wanted the full catalog with the complete permanent lines. I found some listings on eBay for the catalog, but then because I don't really trust eBay anymore, I decided to call 866-VUITTON and ask for it, which was so much better because I only had to pay $10 for shipping, while there were sellers on eBay auctioning this book for over $30!

    P/S: I added this in my showcase too.
    boxes.jpg dustbags.jpg papillon.jpg batignolles horizontal.jpg bedford.jpg together.jpg le catalogue.jpg le catalogue 2.jpg
  2. Great loot! I love the bedford in perle. Your new additions are gorgeous!!!
  3. Oh my oh my!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! :yes:

    I've been contemplating a Batignolles Horizontal for a while now but after seeing this picture it just looks stunning and I HAVE to have one!!!

    You must be so excited!!!

    Congrats!!!! :biggrin:
  4. omg! you lucky lady!

    i love the perle bedford!! actually i love them all!! so jealous!! enjoy!
  5. thanks! :love::love::love:
  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous......congrats........
  7. They are all so pretty! Which one will you carry first?
  8. probably the Damier Papillon. i'm so relieved to finally have a bag i can drag around without worrying about the vachetta :biggrin:!
  9. Great choices, all of them! :heart: The bedford is gorgeous, I love perle vernis.
  10. It's great that you got your gorgeous bags before the increase. I love them all. You have excellent taste.
  11. What a way to start your day?? I love it!! I've been eyeing the damier papillon...I should have just bought it on saturday with the rest of my other I'm kicking myself. I love all your stuff..congrats.
  12. They are all great!!!! You will LOVE the BH so functional and chic at the same time.
    Great pictures and thanks so much for sharing!!
  13. Gorgeous bags for a gorgeous gal!

  14. Very nice! All of them are lovely. It may be time for another group of your bags :yes:

    My FedEx stork is circling today but will probably arrive when I'm not home :cry:
  15. I commented on your pics in the other thread but just wanted to say congrats again! Beautiful bags!