The Fatass Wears YSL

  1. my sister (mya, tpf member) bought the YSL Downtown yesterday. Medium size, black color. I though I camho with it before her, hehe :graucho:
    DSC02539.JPG DSC02541.JPG
  2. so chic!! vlad, watch yo' back!
  3. LMAO. Hilarious!
  4. Adorable. :smile:
  5. LMAO! How fabulous!
  6. haha. i was really confused for a second there. LOL!
  7. cool
  8. lol, nice downtown, dont steal it!!;)
  9. Absolutely fabulous!
  10. you rocked it!
  11. Love your proud stance. LOL! Oh...nice bag too.
  12. Hahaha Great pics! Love the poses :smile:
  13. super cute!
  14. Great pic! You totally rock it.
  15. :lol: :lol: