The Fashionista Diaries - Laurie's bag

  1. Hi - New to Fendi and love the bag that assistant Laurie wears on The Fashionista Diaries.
    Can sommeone please tell me the name of the bag?

  2. if you can find a pic and post it that would really help
  3. i found this pic-- pretty sure this is the fendi bag. sorry i can't identify it though
  4. a little hard to see... it's shaped sorta like a certain selleria bag, but i've never seen a selleria like that with the zucca fabric.
  5. from watching the show the only thing i can add was that size and shape was similiar to an LV Speedy 25-- not sure if that helps identify
  6. It looks like the Duffle bag to me. Style 8BL071. It's hard to tell because the manhattan society scrolls right over it.
  7. wow love her outfit & bag! id love that bag too..what is the fashionista diaries??
  8. I have no clue... but its a gorgeous bag tho!