The Fashionist Diaries

  1. Well well - I stumbled upon this show over the weekend and I must say I'm intrigued.. Does anyone else watch it? That girl Bridget! WOW she's SO mean to Nicole.. love the 2 assistants working for Jane magazine :biggrin: the guy is such a hottie !

    silly me - it's the fashionista diaries!
  2. I'm going to miss Nicole!

    Who among us has not secretly envied her? For all her foibles and faults, for all her youth, and her unforgivable refusal to be somebody's ***** in an industry devoted to the production of same, just a little bit of growing up is all that separates Miss Nicole from a girl that is going to make some company very happy one day.

    For who among us has not found ourselves at some point, in a lousy job, and longed to make those two lists. Here's why you should keep me. And here is why I am outta here. Buh-bye!

    Nicole has some very basic lessons to learn about the working world, about grown-up life. And yes, about just which .0003% of us can under any circumstances, wear leopard leggings. But for those with the discernment to discern it, she taught us all a very basic lesson about being a successful human being.

    The fashion of the moment and a pair of cold dead eyes can take you far. But understanding, even if you have never read it Mr Shakepeare's famous line: To thine own self be true, is a very good indication that you have already arrived. And been seated at a better table.
  3. I've never heard of this.. Think I'm gonna have to hunt it down on a torrent website to have a look!
  4. I watch. I love Bridget's style. But she is annoying.
  5. i agree! bridget has amazing style but she's awful! what a horrid personality! shimma you're spot on about nicole.. she's such a sweet person but she has a lot to learn especially if she wants to be in the fashion business.. it's cutthroat! i like janjay that works for flirt.. she's really smart - i loved her idea for putting the flirt logo on the hors d'oeuvres at the vanessa minillo party.. she needs to speak up tho or that other gal is going to steal all her thunder! i really like this show! :tup:
  6. Bridget is my consolation now that Bret kicked Brandi C off Rock of Love.
  7. Bridget is pretty but I absolutely hate her. She's not even the kind of girl I love to hate on a TV. Straight up, she's just a *****. But why can't I look away? I wonder if she's really that evil in real life. She just strikes me as one of those women who hate women.
  8. ^ right??? i mean come on! i can't STAND people that smile to your face then trash talk you each time they get especially to management.. what a shrew their manager is too! when she was pondering if nicole would last then said "she probably won't. she IS from queens" and started cackling i was shocked!
  9. To me....and yes, this is just to me...I think its very much like the Hills. I love both shows. LOVE.
  10. Oooh I can't stand Bridget and I can't stand her voice.

    The boss Mandee-WOW she's got nerve to talk about peoples appearances.
  11. It's not just you. Bridget should be immediately reassigned to Teen Vogue. And introduced to Brody.

  12. She does look trollish doesn't she?
  13. I dislike Bridget AND Nicole, Nicole was winey and a spoiled brat. At least Bridget is doing her job, but she is a back biter!
  14. Same With Me Love Both Shows!!!

    I Started Watching The Fashionista Diaries, With The First Episode....I Am So Hooked:yes:
  15. Do You Think Anything Will Happen (Romantically) With Andrew & Rachel? ......Possibly In The Long Run?