The Fashion thread:- The perfect outfit

  1. Often when shopping I'll consider which bag would work best with what I'm looking at well yesterday I spotted this!

    This is just the perfect outfit for the blue cruise speedy even better replace the bracelets with inclusions throw on a neck scarf and the shoes to go with the bag and you're done :tup:

    anyone else have any other suggestions for the "that outfit would look fab with my x bag" outfit?
    perfect outfit.jpg
  2. a bag in ivory... or azur maybe azur hampstead..
  3. I find that this outfit goes great with my Anthracite Bequia PDV


    Shirt by: A/X
    Pants by: Guess
    Shoes by: Kenneth Cole
    Bag by: Louis Vuitton
  4. yep perfect :tup:
  5. i love to wear my white mc speedy with black clothes
    a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans, cute flats or black converse all stars
    and then the colorfull speedy! i love it!
  6. I love to wear my gold street shopper in the summer with all army green. The bag just pops! Also love to wear my silver lock it with a colorful summer dress with silver sandles! Can't wait for the warm weather!!!
  7. oooohhh i like this thread already.....

    i love my black mc soeedy with all back! it gives the colors more a canvas - kwim.... like im the entire canvas!
  8. I love mono speedy with totally black clothes..
    azur with dark blue jean and white shirt...
  9. Ooo I'm going to love this thread (: