The Fashion Show - Ultimate Collection with Issac Mizrahi

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  1. Oh is there going to be another season? I thought for sure they bagged it after the low ratings on season 1. No one can replace Tim and Heidi!
  2. i'm looking forward to it. pr has been lame since it moved to lifetime, and if they were to replace heidi, i wouldn't miss her.
  3. Iman looks a little scary IMO but I hope it's okay. think Project Runway is different since it went to Lifetime?
    I just think it's longer...they give the show 1.5 hours instead of the usual 1 hour.
    Music is still the same on Lifetime too (not that it matters).
    I think we like just having all our shows on one channel! :P
  4. ^^i think the 1st season on lifetime was very different esp since it wasnt in ny, but after that they got it right again.
  5. I must be a total dork. I didn't even know there was a first season of this show! Ohhhh now I kinda remember....but Iman wasn't with Issac last time though, right? Or was she? She looks scary to me.
    I hope it's good?
    Ohhhhh is that the one where they go into a room and stare at the clothes on a mannequin or something?
  6. I think it was Kelly Rowland with Isaac.

    I enjoyed the first season.
  7. yep, i've had enough of heidi, too.
  8. Tuesday, November 9....
  9. The first season was ok, so I hope this one will be better, I think having Iman will make a difference.
  10. If I can understand her! 'This is a fashion emmmmergency and it needs an evacuation'.....(or 'evacoooashion'). Took me like five commercials to understand her.
    Oy. It's like whatsherface on Real Housewives of DC....I struggle.
  11. :lol:
  12. I like the commercial where she says, "This dress has more tricks than a hooker!"
  13. Same her. When that bit comes on I just stare at the screen... I'm not feeling this show at all.

  14. She really annoyed me. I got so sick of her telling contestants that "You are hanging by a thread"

    I absolutely adored Merlin Castell ("hallo beetches")

    I will watch and hope for the best as I am truly disgusted with PR.