The famous LV cles...

  1. The famous LV cles...if you could only pick one which would you get...which ones do you currently own???Anyone collect them?
  2. I only own one - the vernis cles. I think if I could only own ONE, I'd get the vernis INDIGO cles before it's gone.
  3. Lola has alot, I am sure there are others, but her collection comes to mind first.

    I have mono, red vernis and braun charms. Edit:I can't believe I forgot pink perf! Ialso have cerise rond, groom rond, and the black cont de fees rond.

    I love them all.
  4. I only own one - the fuchsia perfo cles! And I'd pick that one, because its bigger than the other cles, so I can fit more in it.
  5. My fave is the perfo cles because it's so big. I have the orange one and would love the fushia to match my speedy but I called 866 and they said NO LUCK! :crybaby:

    I was disappointed in the vernis cles. They ARE gorgeous but hard to get into and don't hold much!:shrugs:
  6. I only have one, the Groom cles.
  7. I have the groom one but I think the cerises cles is the cute one, panda cles cute too.

    I read about pfer her admired the perfo cles is roomy that make me want one too.

    I like to have cles matching my bag,,, it's very cute
  8. i have a mono and damier cles.
  9. I have a mono and a white MC.. perhaps to be more in the future. :graucho:
  10. i only have a mini mono one... but i plan to get more!!
  11. OMG! really loosing my mind, forgot panda rond too!
  12. elle would be the cles queen.

    i have a few but the one i regret buying is the suhali. they are gorgeous but even harder to get into than the vernis.
  13. I have cerise cles, CB and MC.
    I would like to own more :P
  14. I had a white MC cles but sold it once I found a Cherry Blossom cles. Now i don't care much for the Cherry blossom. I wish I had kept my MC cles. It was so bright an cheery
  15. I would like...

    Mono Cles
    Damier Cles
    Murakami Black Cles (I don't reallly like this line, but I think just a little bit would work well with it's black)