The family welcomes a new member - Ink Crossbody -a Reveal...

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  1. I have not been posting recently but my love for BV has not diminished. :P And I have been reading the posts and adding to my collection. :graucho: Pics coming up very soon....Continue to check this post!
  2. Okay - you have my attention!!!
  3. BookerMoose - Bear with me. It's been a long time since I last posted pics. The technologically challenged me is trying to figure out how to do it!
  4. First a family portrait - Ash maxi veneta, pourpre new pyramid, mini PO, nero medium campana and zip around wallet in nero/truffle.


    Everyone in the family is waiting for a new family portrait with their new baby sister...
  5. A close-up

  6. Popping out of the house now for tea...Reveal coming up after that... HINT: It is from the fall/winter 2010 collection.


    Any guesses??
  7. You're going for tea?!? I don't know - a Montaigne?!?!
  8. gorgeous family! congrats, i cant wait to see what you got!
  9. sweet rabbit where you'd go?
  10. can't wait for the reveal. love your existing family. especially the mini po and the ash maxi. oh well the campana and the pyramid as well. love them all.
  11. Beautiful family picture ! waiting to see who is coming to be a part of the family.....
  12. I'm loving everything you have already! Come back!
  13. :drool::faint:
  14. What a beautiful collection!
  15. Lovely collection!:smile: