the family that drinks jamca juice together..

  1. :yes: ava=she looks like reese,and deacon looks like ryan.:nuts:
  2. awww how cute! I love jamba juicy!
  3. Ava reallly looks like Reese!! Cute.
  4. So cute, all of them.
  5. Gorgeous people :heart:
  6. i love jamba juicy, they are all such cuites
  7. Cuties!!
  8. Aww they're so cute together.
  9. They're kids are so super cute :yes: I think two of the cutest kids in Hollywood.
  10. Gorgeous kids!!
  11. so cccuuutttee!!!n yes, she looks like her mom:p
  12. Thanks for posting Dazzle :heart:
  13. The kids are so adorable! And I love Jamba Juice!
  14. Aww.... :love:
  15. So adorable!