The Family Jewels ;P

  1. Do you guys have heirloom jewelry that has been passed down from older family members? Are you planning on passing your favorite pieces down to your children/other family members?

    My family is terrrrrrrrible about heirlooms/antiques! They throw everything away. My mother threw away a diamond necklace that my father bought her & her wedding band when she got divorced. Threw them in the trash! :wtf: despite the fact that she has a daughter that loves sparkley things! ------>me!

    What's even worse is that my grandma has a lovely collection of jewelry because my grandpa buys her several pieces a year and they've been married for 50+ years. He used to hide them in the Christmas tree for her to find on Christmas morning. How cute is that? Last weekend she mentioned she wants to sell all of it off! It makes me so sad because she never wears the majority of it because it's all "too nice" and now it's all going to be sold off.

    It's their jewelry & they can do what they want, but I love the idea of being able to look at a ring or a necklace & say, "This was your great grandmother's engagment ring..." and knowing there's a story behind it.
  2. we have lots! i mainly have things that belonged to my great aunt who passed away when she was 12. i'm wearing a necklace of hers right now actually, a sweet little pendant in the shape of a four leaf clover. i have a little charm bracelet with animals on it but it's too small for me now, it's definitely child-sized! my mother has the most amazing diamond brooch my grandmother picked out of the safe and gave her last christmas, i'm hoping to graduate from her giving me new jewelry to heirlooms soon :biggrin:

    i can't believe your mother threw those things away :wtf: :wtf: :nuts:
  3. I have my grandmothers high school ring from 1924, and it looks like it is brand new! I love wearing it and knowing that there is a story behind it. I also have my MIL's wedding set and some other pieces that will go to my daughter when she gets older (she is only 2, LOL).
  4. None that i know of! All i know is that my Grandma got a Ruby and Diamond bracelet for her ruby anniversary and i love it so much that shes promised it to me! So i suppose it could become an heirloom eventually!
  5. I have a pair of cufflinks (!) that belonged to my great-great-grandmother (b. 1848); they are engraved with her initials. And I have the wedding and engagement rings of both grandmothers (b. 1899) and both grandfathers, along with my maternal grandmother's sweet gold wristwatch from the 1920s.

    But I'm getting the motherlode of family jewelry right now. My mother is giving me almost all of her jewelry, as I'm an only child and she's terminally ill. Some is great, most isn't, and it's completely overwhelming. I'd like to sell most of it and use the money to get me a daughter (using advanced reproductive technology ;)) to give the rest to!
  6. My Mother is hoarding all of her jewelry....BUT...I do have some things that I will pass on. My DH gave me 4 eternity bands for our 10th anniversary....each one is 2 I plan on giving my two daughters a band each on their wedding day, and my son's wife one on their wedding day...which will leave one for me (hopefully that is a long way off!!), and the other jewelry my hubby has given me will be passed on when the kids are at the right ages. My wedding ring will stay on my finger though, until the end!!!
  7. My god jillybean, if that was my mum I would have strangled her!!

    My heirloom jewelery (so far) is a pair of very small diamond studs that my grandfather gave to my mum for her 16th and then she gave me for my 18th.

    I have my eye on a few bits and pieces my mum has though! ;)
  8. my grandfather had a huge mob boss style gold nugget ring with diamonds that he wore every day for the majority of his adult life. when he died, my uncle had the diamonds set into earrings for each of the girl cousins and my mom (who's the only daughter). i didn't know him very well but i like the earrings a lot.

    my mom has my grandmother's wedding set. one of these days, my sister gets the e-ring part and i get the wedding band. i remember sitting in church every sunday and watching them sparkle...that set inspired my love of diamonds. hehe. i've been asking for it since i was six and my mom always replies i'll have to pry it off her cold dead hand, just like she did to her mother.

    my family has a weird way of putting things. :supacool: i'm praying she decides to give it to me before then...;)

    there's a set of pearls from japan when my gram lived there that my mom promised me later. i also have a peridot ring my mom gave me a few years ago. she found it in a pawn shop, but we share it as a birthstone and it's the only peridot either one of us has ever found that we actually liked.

    there's a lot of costume jewelry floating around from the 50s and 60s that i've borrowed for special occaisions. it's fun to know i'm wearing the same things my gram wore to highroller dinners in vegas and tokyo oh so many years ago.