The Fall Haul

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    Hi all!

    I promised a reveal of the fall haul. I had a lot of coach credit from some old Caroline's I sent in for repair (Coach could not fix them, but the gave me full credit), a 40% off letter, and I sold a bag on eBay that I bought with the credit and made some money on, so this whole haul really cost me about $300. Tags are still on 4 out of the five bags, so who knows if I will keep them all or not, but I love all of them but one (which I bought on eBay NWT's) and I'm trying to sell it.

    So that said, here is the haul. They are so pretty! And they are big, I use bags to carry my laptop to work every day.

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  2. Great haul! Congrats! I love the Sadie.
  3. This is my favorite bag in a long, long time. It dethroned the purple gathered MSB as my HG bag. I bought it as soon as it came out with a 40% letter in Sept.

    It does not photograph well and its gotten a bit slouchy which I like but make it hard to take photos.

    Can you tell I like purple. :smile:

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  4. I waited and waited and waited for this baby to make it to the outlet. In the end, there were only two that made it to the outlet and I was super lucky to score one. I love the inside color with the outside color.

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    I looooooove the old Carolines and alas two out of the three I had both got damaged (it was the first year of Carolines and they were very fragile and I'm hard on bags.). I as so thrilled when CrazyforCoach (miss you!) PMed me and said there were Carolines coming to the outlet. I snagged this one on clearance.

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  6. This is just such a practical travel bag and I fly for work a lot, so I love this bag. I was waiting for it to go to the outlets, but it did not make it, so I gave in and bought it with a PCE right before it sold out.

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  7. And last, but by no means least...

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  8. Love them all. Congrats!
  9. I've been waiting for your reveal!! And it was worth it. Congrats on all your new beautiful bags! :smile:
  10. Wow!!! Fantastic haul! Everything is stunning! My favorites are the gorgeous!!! I LOVE the lining on the Terracotta! Enjoy!

    And thank you for the heads up on the Espresso Haircalf Phoebe! :cool: I was able to locate one and do a charge send.
  11. Your fall haul is spectacular!!
  12. Love your bags! Twins on 3 of them! Just love your reveals!
  13. Awesome reveal! It was worth the long wait. Where's that espresso Phoebe though? :search:
  14. Thanks everyone!!!! :smile:

    I'm so glad you go the Espresso HC Pheobe. She is simply beautiful. I had her and returned her.

    The lining of the terra cotta is so pretty and works so well with that bag.

    Oh....which three? That is crazy to me, that someone has my taste that closely. Good taste by the way!
  15. I returned it. Because, well, I loooooove the Black violet Phoebe and thought I would like a smaller version more than the espresso.