Scarves ........The Fall 2016 Scarves........

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  1. I found some press day photos on IG of the 2016 fall scarves. The account is public so I *think* it's okay to share here?!

    Alice Shirley




    Robert Dallet
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  2. Thank you, hoot!! :flowers:
  3. Thanks so much for starting this thread hoot! I love Dallet's work, so that shawl may have to make its way into my closet!
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  4. You're welcome! The shawl may go home with Hermes Nuttynut and me too!
  5. Apparently the Alice Shirley scarf is called Grrrr!

    I'm not sure if the following photo is of a scarf but I'll post anyways.
  6. Wow! Is that Tiger Royale issued as a GM silk or shawl?
  7. IDK, but the colorway is :loveeyes:
  8. Count me in with the Dallet shawl too, love it! I am now officially excited about F/W 16.
  9. I hope it's a GM: it's one of my HGs and I've never found it in the right colorway!!
  10. Yay! I'm excited too!

    You're welcome!

    Comparing it to the others on the wall, my guess is it's a GM or maybe it's just wishful thinking
  11. I'm hoping shawl!
  12. Re-issues CSGM will be Chasse en Inde and Zenobie.
  13. My sentiments exactly!!!
  14. Add me to the Dallet train! That shawl is M I N E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rawr =)