............. The Fall 2013 scarves .............

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    1.Oh dear, Chasse en Inde (again)?
    2. Another Dallet (Guepards perhaps) design again? Or the Tendresse Felines seem to have been done a lot lately as well...
    3. Pegase is a recent design - why reissue when it is only a couple of years old? Perhaps it is Turandot? That would be great. Or a la Gloire de la Cuisine?
    4. Les Poneys des Polo ?
    5. agree with seton on one of these.
  2. If that happens I'm in such $$$ trouble!
  3. I'd love a Pegase summer silk 140!
  4. LOL me too!
  5. Now that would be dreamy!
  6. I'd take that!
  7. Chasse en Inde, my favorite!
  8. In pink too.
  9. 1) Chasse en Inde

    2) Guepards

    3) Monsieur et Madame
  10. 4) A diagonal racing scarf.

    Clic Clac?
  11. That's beautiful.

    Pity I did not take an interest in H sooner. :smile:
  12. I've heard no Pegasus GM. Sob!
  13. For #3 I also thought Le Pegase or Monsieur et Madame.
    Thank you so much, UNO, for this unexpected and happy surprise.
  14. Do we know what the theme will be? We'll be finished with sports, right?
  15. The A/W 2013 is still Sports, the new theme comes in January.