............. The Fall 2013 scarves .............

  1. hahaha! I was the opposite! I always look at neutral toned scarves but they don't really complement my skin tone as they do to the white H site backgrounds. :sad:
  2. Pretty colorway!
    I love the brown rattan details on the carriage!
  3. So exited about this design.... I love it so much!
    Congrats darling, it's beauty!!
  4. Such an elegant piece, love your pairings as well- beautiful!
  5. Per-fec-tion!!!! :woot:Still waiting mine...:graucho:
  6. Thank you Ladies! :flowers:

  7. gorgeous scarf!
  8. Love this design! Like all of the scarves that look like engineering designs...I think this one is getting added to my wishlist next! Thanks so much for sharingl
  9. A selection of GM shawls from this bank-breaking season for neutral lovers.

    L'Instruction du Roy cw11
    Clic Clac a Pois cw08
    Monsieur et Madame cw08
    LdR+MetM.jpg LdR+CCaP.jpg CCP+MetM.jpg LdR+CCaP+MetM1.jpg
  10. I really adore this on you, Anfang! *trying very very very hard not to succumb*

    P.s. Another swimmer here. ;)
  11. ms. piggy, seeing it, you HAVE to have it, don't go to H! Was just going to have a look IRL, know what I mean, and 10 mn after, I was nervously waiting for SA to pack, like a perfect junkie...
    That said , this one fills other needs than the Gris flanelle/Marine I have too, exactly like LdR 8 and 11 (which I have, I know, I have to go to rehab..)
    And being men's dept, thus with fringes, it's not as bulky as women's and you cab wear it right now! 😜 I know, I'm bad ...
  12. And bravo for swimming! I swim everyday at 7:30 AM (H closed😜) but that day I was late and went before lunchtime 😞
  13. Congratulation on your three beautiful neutral shawls. Always love your style. Can we see some modeling pic?
  14. I picked up LDR yesterday CW 12


  15. I should have begun with this! Gorgeous sélection of neutrals, ms. piggy, hands down!