............. The Fall 2013 scarves .............

  1. Knock knock......

    It's Uno!
  2. reporting for duty :salute:
  3. Today, we shall discuss the reprints.

    But let's make it fun this time.

    I will give some hints and let you guess.
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    1) A true grail scarf. Iconic Hermes.

    This one has been printed many, many times in every fabrication:
    Silk twill
    GM mousseline
    GM cashmere
    70 cotton
    gavroche mousseline
    gavroche cashmere
    mousseline stole

    2) Animals in action!

    3) This one was issued recently as a limited edition scarf.

    4) A diagonal racing scarf.

    5) Decorative saddle covers.

  5. So try to guess and Uno will be back with the answers.
  6. I'm here Uno! Hoping you have intel on the GM shawls.

    You are such a good boy to visit us on a Saturday morning!
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  7. UNO! :woot::woot::happydance::happydance:
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    Uno's got what you want.

    He's got what you need.


  9. LOL pursecrzy, you are always here when Uno shows up! It's amazing.
  10. :urock::woohoo::nuts::yahoo::happydance::drinkup:
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    (I didn't post this from a mobile device (unless I carry my desktop around with me - and I don't), so I don't know why it's saying that.)
  11. Weeee!! Parking myself here for the rest of the day!! :heart: :heart:

    We love you Uno!
  12. Today is only the reprints ...

    Uno will post the answers to the quiz later today...
  13. Chasse en Inde?
    Selle d'Apparat Marocaine?
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    Ooh exciting, although I've hardly started on the Spring ones yet! No. 1 has to be either Ex-Libris or Brides de Gala? No. 4 - Les Courses? No. 5 - Festival / Grand Apparat / Selles a Housses? Will have a think about the others. Thanks for this Uno.

  15. Chestnutty is a winner!

    1) Chasse en inde