........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

  1. Hi ladyjane, I bought it from a reseller. I just missed out on one she had recently sourced and so she managed to source me another one a week later, she's fabulous.
    I'll PM you her contact info :flowers:
  2. Thanks! I am loving both of these.
  3. Yes, very retro! And yes, totally Rhoda Morgenstern, the yellow one in particular was screaming 70s to me, too.

    In order, I posted cws 11, 13, and 14 of the Skyros. Of the twilly, I posted 5, 10, 4, and 7.

    I love Skyros, it has a lot of potential for me, but I am not in the market for another cashmere/silk stole. I wish it were in the mousseline stole! :p
  4. Just saw on the UK H website Brazil II 140 dip dye c/w 03
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  6. Thanks for the tip! It looks lovely. I only have one dip dye, a 90cm, so I'm curious about how the fabric would look/feel in this larger size. Looking forward to seeing it when it arrives in boutiques!
  7. Ooh! Thanks for the alert! It looks lovely. I'm not generally a dip dye girl, but there are some lovely colorways and some of them show nice details of the design....:p
    132603S01.jpg 132603S02.jpg 132603S03.jpg 132603S04.jpg 132603S06.jpg
  8. These are lovely! Thanks for the alert scarfie friend!
  9. Thanks for posting this, I ADORE dip dye and I see at least two that I like!
  10. Those are some great dip dyes! I'm wearing the orange Astrologie right now (90cm) and I just love the texture. I would love to have a large one!
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    ladyjane 963 and Euridice, thank you, Brazil dip due is stunning!

    Congratulations! Please, don't forget to post the photos of 2 other CSMC when you score them. :biggrin: I enjoy looking at them very much!

    Thank you, I've found some info on that and it's interesting! Appears that Les Parisiennes is quite popular slyle in France and these drawings and "comic strips", they're witty. :smile: And they're published monthly in Playboy. :biggrin:

    Now, some modelling shots of my new Pony Express in sepia cw.
    Thank you for letting me share!
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG
  12. These color ways are fabulous. Thanks for posting
  13. Congrats on your second CSMC! (it is only two isn't it?) I know what you mean about the 90cms - this year is such a fabulous year. There are 7 designs I would love to have in multiple colorways - sadly my wallet won't accommodate, LOL!
    OT - Have you written a post describing your stay in Paris, or is it on your blog? I would love to hear your thoughts on living there - it sounds like such a fun adventure.
  14. Thanks for the modeling pics - this CW looks great on you.
  15. Thank you! It's just the most universal cw of Pony Express! :smile: