........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

  1. Thank you so much PoliticalGal for the modeling shots! They confirm my initial impression - it's my top choice from this year's offerings so far :smile:
  2. Beautiful, jeshika! So did you pick all 3, or were there some tough choices?
  3. Oooh this six horse design silk jersey sounds fab! Do you know how it looks like and it what colourways? I would love to own one! Please post pictures once you get them! Jersey silks are fab to wear, both as tops and as scarves. Drapes nicely and I love the fluid look and feel! I'm sure you'll love them too!
  4. There's a GM CS Parures des Maharajas in white on eBay right now with great photos (Item number: 180916101816).
  5. Here is a picture of the Coup de Fouet knotted picture.

    From left to right,
    color 02 - Indigo/Turquoise/Aubergine
    color 06 - Capucine/Saumon/Rouge H
    color 07,
    color 01,
    color 05 - Orange/Turquoise/Mauve
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    Thanks for posting these cashmere GM Maharajas pictures, bags to die for. :woohoo: The pink on top is the rose indien/kaki/vert. The white colorway I think is blanc/bleu glacier/orange. I suspect that the one under that is the one that was on H.com - naturel/rouge H/vert. The bottom one could be iris/rouge/petrol? Have also heard that there may be a capucine/bronze/corail version and a noir/rouge/vert one...lots to think about.
  7. Thank for the recommendations, hopiko! It's nice to hear about the Circuit 24, I haven't seen pictures of that one yet. My SA is on the lookout for the Cavalcadours. Do you think that the blue on you saw was caban/marine/canard? Which other colors were in it? :flowers:
  8. Yes, I think that sounds right. I have to go back next week to pick up some goodies and will check again!

    I must be strong (maybe not!)
  9. Pierina2, the shawls that you spy under the PdM are not PdM. They are I think the Calvacadour and Eternard Bannards (can't spell!). ;)
  10. Yodaling1, thanks very much for showing those folded cw's of Coup de Fouet. I like the way you tied them, which to me is more like the way the scarf will show when it's in the basic fold. So, these pix were both fun & useful to look at!
  11. Thank you for the kind comments yummum, Chestnutty, and Florasun! I may end up looking for Astrologie Nouvelle in another cw too because it ties so well. :love:
  12. Thanks for sharing! I've been eagerly awaiting cw 1, but 2 looks lovely as well.
  13. ahh, I was too eager to see all the PdeM shawls! thanks for the correction. :smile: I'll just have to keep waiting to see all those colorways.
  14. pierina2 - just fyi, if you go on the japanese hermes.com website, there is a photo of the blue/purple cw of circuit 24 faubourg cashmere!
  15. My apologies if this has already been addressed, but does anyone have more information about the Cavalcadour CS GM colorways that are expected? :wondering And I'd love to hear if the photo of the coral colorway that's currently on hermes.com EU, is a good depiction of the colors. Thanks to everyone for posting information and photos, so very helpful!