........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

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    Uno wonders: where is Parismonami for the Spring 2012 scarves?

    How is everybody gonna see the pics? It is a problem that needs a solution...

    Uno is thinking about it...
  2. That's all for now.

    Thanks Cool TPF'er!

  3. Wheeeeee!!! Thank you!!! :ps::worthy::worthy::worthy:
  4. How exciting! Thanks Uno!
  5. Uno, wow, thank you for the heads up!

  6. Correction:

    "gris/boutin d'or/bronze"

    - should be "boutons d'or" for the second color
  7. Twillys:

    Graff Hermes
    Eperon d'or

    *** Uno is pretty sure about the twillys, but not 100% sure yet.
  8. Thanks for the info Uno & Cool Tpf'er! I love it when it's time for this thread!!
  9. Uno, you are my hero! :woohoo::hugs:
    Thanks, so exciting...
    And now...where to get the pics from?!?!?!?
  10. Wow! Thanks for all the information. Those twillys sound just about perfect! :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. Thank you, Uno!

    Waiting with baited breath re: pictures. :sneaky:
  12. Thank you Uno!

    All hail Uno!!
  13. Thanks for the info! Got to start saving for the mousseline & cashmere GM :smile:
  14. Me amo uno!!
  15. This is the only way I'm ever going to learn french...:roflmfao::p