........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

  1. Thank you, Valmont, it's fun to share and I admit to being a bit of a geek, I research passions to the nth, or as my better half would more simply put it; obsessed :lol:
  2. Congratulations on scoring cw12 to add to your cw04, toujours*chic! It's a great neutral, it was offered to me and I passed it up because I was really hoping for cw04 (swooned by those red boots) and I was trying to stick to one cw per design but that's not working as planned :whistle:
    Now I'm kicking myself royally for letting it go, but at least another tPFer got it and she loves it so I'm very happy for her.
    I'll have to keep my eyes out for it and I'm also really quite captivated by cw06, my eyes are kaki, I think I can pull it off and I'm hoping the noisette would allow me to pair it with browns easily.

    I wonder if tPFers are responsible for whipping up this frenzy? It does make you ponder just the effect we may have...

    So much for sticking to cashmere GMs and giving up on silks!

    Looking forward to seeing your pics, toujours*chic
  3. I talk to the H SA ordering new scarves for this season about 2 months or so ago. The SA insisted that there's no such things as Galop Chromatique, or C'est la Fete and suggested that I must be wrong. It made me so mad!
  4. I think you might be right :yes:
  5. Have you received your scarf yet? If so, i would love to see modeling pics! Mine is waiting for me at home when I get back from overseas next week... :biggrin:
  6. Have any of you lovely scarifies seen a Wa'ko-Ni in Australia? I'd love to have one....
  7. hey BritA! thanks for your lines, Im happy u are getting also the W u wished for! even if its coming from a bit further away.... =) (the boots and hat are actually "Eggplant" and not red, I also had the impression they would be red... )
    I cant wait to see CW 6 in natura...
    hats off for your research! I understand your "passion" perfectly! and like valmont said, some of "us" do know more (at least when it comes to the actual collection) than some SA, when I was in the H shop last time with my I-Pad to show them the different CW of some scarfs one of them even made a joke saying, that was a the latest sales /information briefing they had... lol
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  10. She is indeed a lovely Lady!

    I think you will like either c/w LadyJane 963. I bought one of the cw 01 and I think you would like that for sure. If you want a scarf which will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, i'm sure you'll love cw 12 too!
    I really hope you manage to get yours soon!
  12. Hi PT - yes I could not believe that the neutral GC didn't look so good on me, I had very high hopes for that one!! The tails looked very plain just lines of pale colour if you do a basic fold. A cowboy look would be more successful possibly. Anyway I would definitely not buy this without trying it on. I agree the prune one would look good with your colouring I think. Can you take a trip to Royal Exchange? Closed at weekends of course! I won't give up on GC completely until I see cw02!
  13. I've been waiting for GC too but in one of the brighter cws, good to hear there is some stock at RE. I'm in town on Friday so might give them a call tomorrow and go see on Friday. Will report back.
  14. Mia, I think you did a marvelous job! What a great website though, with all the sound effects and movement, to say nothing of the great artist who does those amazingly charming drawings (now animated).

    I just put in orders for 2 of the "Galop Chromatique", and am eagerly awaiting CLF in the gris, anthracite, gris foncé CW. A classic I believe. Hope they come out with a GM next year...
  15. Does anyone have any idea what color way the Wa'ko-ni scarf is with the beautiful lady wearing an orange robe? I have the Autumn-Winter book and its either 9 or 16. Thanks!