........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

  1. Thanks for the link- I did look at it and I appreciate his artwork. To me they are a little "static" and "Disney-fied" in comparison to KO. As a native Texan, Mr. Oliver's artwork is more authentic and organic in capturing Native Americans imo.
  2. I couldn't agree more, Toujours!
  3. At the Festival des Metiers, they said that KO has retired from designing new scarves.
  4. Are you sure Seton? I got the info from the Houston store last year that he had been commissioned for a new Texas scarf. Maybe that one is his last? Well, I am going to the Metier there in October-guess I will find out then.
  5. I believe Jahna is right, Seaton. I live in Houston, and our H here is planning to open a new, larger store in the next year or so. A developer is breaking ground right now for a new shopping center adjacent of where they're currently located, and rumor has it that H will have a new, two-story home.

    Apparently Kermit Oliver spent a week at the very famous King Ranch in south Texas with one of Hermes' executives earlier this spring, getting inspiration for a new scarf design in honor of the new store. He was born in the little town of Refugio, about an hour and a half north of King Ranch, although he currently resides in Waco, Texas. Considering that he's now almost 70, I'm pretty sure he has retired from the Postal Service by now.

    Although I'm not usually a fan of his designs, I'm still happy to know he's designing a new scarf for "us." My SA and I, native southeast Texans both, were laughing that we hoped the new scarf wouldn't have an oil rig on it! (Although it would be highly appropriate, given the area, LOL!!)
  6. Are you really, Toujours? No kidding! :ghi5:

  7. well, that's what I remembered. there are other TPFers who went and maybe they can confirm or not.

    I dont find KO having a "Texas" scarf out in 2013 and him not doing designs anymore to be mutually exclusive.
  8. That's what I thought- I knew it was too good to be true that a new design was on the horizon. Just makes what he has designed that much more valuable.
  9. Something must be lost in translation- I am not from Texas myself. I meant KO is from Texas.
  10. I guess we shall soon see whether there is a new KO or not. Personally, I prefer his earlier works (Texas Wildlife, Mythologies, Kachinas, Danses, etc.) vs. his newer designs- Champlain, Lafayette. There is too much open space in the newer designs. I like 'em loaded with Native American imagery- kachina dolls, tomahawks, bows and arrows, horses, Native Americans, feathers, flora and fauna- every square inch with his artwork!

  11. Me too!! Maybe the new Texas scarf is only for the new store...??
  12. You may be right- can't wait in any case!
  13. I agree.