The fakes only make me want the real thing more...

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  1. I see a lot of people complaining about not liking certain bags anymore because of all of the fakes. Whenever I see a fake LV or Hermes or Chanel, I instantly start thinking of the real thing...Makes me want a real one more. :lol:

    Yes, fakes are horrible and destructive...But they only bring me closer to the brand. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  2. Why not go to the Chanel or Hermes and look at the real thing? If you like the fakes you see, you'll fall in love with the real ones.
  3. I don't like the fakes at all...I'm just saying that the fakes don't make me dislike an actual brand because so many people want to copy it. My whole reason for saying this was that there are people who no longer like certain real brands because there are so many fakes, as if the fakes are turning them off from the real thing. A friend of mine wants to sell her Chloe Paddington because she hates that there are so many fakes. I'm thinking, what does that have to do with her; she has the real thing. :lol:
  4. ^^maybe you should buy the paddy from her???
  5. I actually thought about it....but then (after coming to her senses) she'd probably try to borrow it from me anyway.:lol:
  6. Exactly, she shouldn't care if there are a lot of fakes. She has the real thing! That's how I felt about LV's before. Buy her paddy! :biggrin:
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