The fake Miu Miu top as dress...

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  1. God, can I wear this out in public???? I feel like Paris Hilton. It was cute on the rack... Uhh, I usually wear biege....

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  2. Girl you are so cute you could wear just about anything..but ummm..if you bend over make sure that that dress/top won't show your patootie..and you're good to go! :shame:
  3. you look nice in it, and pink is a colour that looks much better on dark haired women than on blondes.
    you look like lucy liu, lucky you. she is so pretty.
  4. aww youre so pretty! it looks cute on you. if paris hilton was wearing that i'd barf. but you can pull it off. and plus, i love pink so i'm biased.
  5. Love it!! What shoes are you wearing with it?
  6. I think you can pull off anything since you are so cute. But since it's so pink, maybe you can tone it down by wearing it as a top with tight jeans? Unless it's too long, can't really see how long it is on the picture.
  7. I think it depends where you're going to wear it. Maybe for a night out? It looks great on you!
  8. Is it windy where you live ?
    Its a cute dress and looks adorable on you. However I think its to short to wear by its self.I would style the dress/top over jeans and strappy sandals. (pink works for you)
  9. You look great!! I think it would make a better top though!
  10. When I read about this top yesterday...I wondered if you could wear it as dress....even though you have an adorable figure I would go with the jeans and strappy sandal...UNLESS you are on an exotic island, sunkissed tanned, and out for the evening....(sounds great doesn't it!)
  11. LOVE the way it looks on you!!!
  12. It's so cute!!!