The fake LV I saw today was so bad, that...

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  1. I was tempted to take a pic of it with my cell and post it here. Words can't express how bad it was. :sick:
  2. Next time, please do take the pic!!!
  3. LOL! Been there!
    I was sort of admiring this beautiful Mom and her darling daughter at lunch the other day. The Mom was FAB - totally put together.
    She was carrying a Cabas Piano and that's what caught my eye and caused me to check her out. Then I noticed it.
    The seam on the side did not match up w/ the point of leather! ACK!!!!!!!
  4. The fake was horrible and so was her attitude. She looked at my Botkier bag like, "What is that?" I didn't mind...She'd probably say the same thing if she ever sees a real LV.:lol:
  5. i see so many fakes that i actually am more surprised when i see a real one.
  6. ^^^Same here! It's so refreshing when that happens :biggrin:
  7. I'd rather wear no branded handbag than getting noticed wearing the fake one:lol:
  8. Not surprise at all
  9. C4ntik2006

    orang indo kah?
  10. The sad thing is the person wearing it, usually thinks it's real.
  11. That is the absolute truth!!!!I saw one terrible speedy and 2 bad wallets today and that was JUST IN THE SUPER MARKET!!!! :sick:

  12. kok tau sih?;)
  13. i saw a girl that came in to work carrying a fake speedy with little gold feet on the bottom and that nasty hangy thing with the white disc on it STILL ATTACHED. i wanted to tackle her.
  14. ^^ There must be a lot fake Speedies with feet on them out there. My sister has seen two in the last week and a half alone. :lol:
  15. Aaaahhh, camera phones are a great invention!