The fake LV I saw today was so bad, that...

LOL! Been there!
I was sort of admiring this beautiful Mom and her darling daughter at lunch the other day. The Mom was FAB - totally put together.
She was carrying a Cabas Piano and that's what caught my eye and caused me to check her out. Then I noticed it.
The seam on the side did not match up w/ the point of leather! ACK!!!!!!!
The fake was horrible and so was her attitude. She looked at my Botkier bag like, "What is that?" I didn't mind...She'd probably say the same thing if she ever sees a real LV.:lol:
i saw a girl that came in to work carrying a fake speedy with little gold feet on the bottom and that nasty hangy thing with the white disc on it STILL ATTACHED. i wanted to tackle her.