The fading of the blk has been fixed!

  1. I posted in another thread that my city GH was faded on the corners. I would have normally returned/exchanged but since it was a gift from DF. I mentioned to him about the fading & he was like "you said that the B bags have distressed leather, so I knew you'd like it". I guess he actually listens when I babble on about fashion & I didn't want him to feel like he picked out something wrong or I didn't like it. So I applied Lubriderm lotion w/ a q-tip & the bag looks great!!!! I will post pics when I'm finished doing both sides!
  2. I don't know why I can't revise my original post but here are the pics. The first 2 are the befores & the last 3 are afters. I only did the trim but you can tell that the bag's color is even throughout the bag now.
    B3.JPG B4.JPG after 3.JPG after b bag.JPG B bag after.JPG
  3. Wow it looks good! what lubriderm did you use? just non-scented ones?
  4. Thanks! Yes I just used the regular unscented one.
  5. good to know, that has happened to some of my bags. thanks for sharing!!
  6. for your bags too, pluiee? which season/year? the fragrance free lubridem contains mineral oil... it's probably best to leave the bags alone :shrugs:
  7. looks like it did a great job. one more product to keep in mind. thanks for sharing. :flowers: