The fadeing on MC

  1. Hey everyone i recently bought a black MC Wapity and i heard on some posts that there is fadeing my mother has the speedy and i can see faint fading I even called LV on this situation and they said since it is silk stamped on with a lot of other colors this is a price you have to pay but they also said with very strong signs of usuage this will only occur.:roflmfao:

  2. I don't use my pochette hard at all and I see some signs of wear on the bottem along the leather's very faint but I don't like it!
  3. I don't have any MC bags, but I've seen quite a few bags where the color is coming off.
  4. It's common, and there's been quite a few posts on it lately 9it should come up in the search function). It seems to be worse in humid environments and if you're harder on your bags.
  5. At authorized dealers do they ever have sales on LV's and when?
  6. LV never goes on sale;)
  7. That is what I thought...Gucci,Prada,Burberry etc. all go on sale. That is good to know.
  8. I love MC..but I just hate that the colors can rub off eventually.....
  9. I have several MC items, black and white, and so far so good. There is one tiny spot on my black MC speedy that rubbed off but that was due to me rubbing the bag against the wall accidentally.