The faces of the fallen

  1. This is from today's The Olympian newspaper, here in the Seattle area.

    Click the .pdf below for the front page and photos:

    Map view and other info:

    Published October 10, 2007 Today's tribute part of special brigade coverage

    Vickie Kilgore

    Today's front page is a dramatic departure for The Olympian.

    A Stryker brigade based at Fort Lewis, the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, has returned home from a 15-month deployment in Iraq. The 48 brigade members pictured on the front page are not among them. The Olympian chose to dedicate today's front page as a small but dramatic way to honor their service. It is not intended as an editorial statement on the war. Rather, it is the biggest of local stories. Nonetheless, we recognize that, whether you support or oppose our country's military presence in Iraq, this front page display will generate strong feelings.

    But today, as brigade members remember their dead comrades in a special ceremony at Fort Lewis, we felt it was important to show our readers the faces of those who did not return. We also plan to share with you the jubilation of the official welcome home ceremonies for the brigade later this week. And we will spotlight some of the many acts of bravery of those who served. This weekend we will report on what's next for many of these individuals as they rebuild their stateside lives.

    We assembled this front page with careful deliberation. Our intent is to be respectful but knowing, without doubt, that this lineup of faces conveys the effect of the war in a way words cannot.

    We hope that you will look at the page, read the profiles of these men and reflect on their sacrifice.

    I welcome your feedback.

    Vickie Kilgore is executive editor of The Olympian. She can be reached at 360-754-4223 or
  2. that's really sad when you see faces put to them full of life
  3. The one that really gets to me is the young guy holding the puppy :sad:
  4. God yes Roo, particluarly sad photograph!
    Shocking to see all these young men cut down in the prime of life!
  5. The world we live in now is full of hate and it is so hard to see these pictures only because it is such a vivid reminder of that.

    We all just must hold our family tight and tell them we love them everyday.

    Thank you, Roo, for posting. Sometimes we need a reminder of how precious life is!
  6. I am glad that they did this. :tup: