The Faces Of Methamphetamine

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  1. Holey Moley - just say no!!!!
  2. Absolutely disgusting........
  3. How sad.
  4. I'm sorry but the one of the girl with the sideshow bob hairdo is hilarious! (I couldn't help myself)

    That's so nasty.
  5. good grief , looks like someone just dragged them up and down the street .......
  6. This isn't even the worst of it, your teeth are completely destroyed by meth as well.. no meth for me ! ~
  7. That's awful. Meth labs are becoming increasingly popular around here, there are more busts now than three years ago when I moved here. Newsweek had an interesting article sometime last year on meth and how it's becoming much more prevalent in the drug world.
  8. I just watched some CNN thing on it. This guy was making it and something blew up in his face, he's now blind. Its sad. Meth labs are so dangerous and disgusting. I also just read a really sad story of this poor puppy that had acid poured all over it, and was made to drink it. It was a suspected meth lab. Freakin crackheads.
  9. ooh nasty, should have thought twice before opening that link! i'm eating my lunch!
  10. This is too sad. I'm in Tennessee, which is probably 2nd only to Cali in meth lab activity. I know that the burn unit at a local university hospital treats injuries from meth lab explosions. Some of the patients are the innocent children of meth users! :sad:
  11. Not a great statistic to have but they call Phoenix the "crystal capital." When I first moved out here, I had no idea what a "tweeker" looked like. Now I can spot them a mile away. Don't get me started on what their houses look like inside and out! It's disgusting and very disturbing. Seeing it firsthand (for work, not pleasure :smile: ) made me feel like I needed to take a shower for days!
  12. it's common knowledge in the South that meth is a plague on rural areas and small towns, sadly :sad:.

    you know those jeff foxworthy 'you might be a redneck if...' jokes? i read somewhere "you might be a redneck if you've been on tv news talking about your neighbor's trailer meth lab exploding more than twice." sad but true, unfortunately.

    i remember a couple months ago, a trailer blew up in a neighboring county (Athens itself isn't rural, but it's in the middle of a very rural part of the state) and when my boyfriend and i saw it on the news we both went 'meth lab' like in unison. (it actually wasn't, it was a gas leak, surprisingly). but it's definately prevalent. we get a lot of meth heads trying to steal video games and cds at work. usually skinny pale white guys in nascar shirts.
  13. SO powerful Vlad.
  14. ..........................................................

    :weird: There are no words.