The face shop?

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  1. Hello everyone, anybody tried the face shop?? Any recommendations and reviews? Thanks!
  2. YES I love their masks! Where to get them in US? I have to get them from Asia during vacations or get someone there to send them to me :sad:
  3. Hey, i'm actually in Oz. Which masks are the best? My bf is on vacation in Brunei and he actually saw the counter and asked if i wanted anything from there. But i've not heard of this brand ever before so suggestions!
  4. Depends on your facial needs. My favorite is the Rose & Pine from their Herbal Therapy series, and the Acerola from their Fresh Fruit Series. Some of my friends love the Rice Mask and Black Bean Mask. I'm referring to their single packs of mask sheets.

    Edit: I don't use any of their other products like makeup, moisturizers etc, to me their quality seem below par, but their masks are exceptional!
  5. I second the Acerola sheet mask! Smells yummy and I could see a brightening effect after one use :smile:

    For their other items I'm sorry as I'm not too sure. I recently bought a huge pack of masks for $39.90, shall try them out and let you know! It seems that their Raspberry Roots sleeping mask seems highly popular in Singapore though :smile:
  6. ok thanks girls! will keep an eye on those that was recommended! definitely needs some brightening after the finals. lol