The "Face" of Hermes

  1. To my knowledge there is no Hermes Face (like Nicole Kidman for Chanel).

    Who in your opinion should be the face of Hermes? Doesn't have to be a model and it can be any living or dead person.

    Your thoughts?
  2. duh, grace Kelly or jane Birkin they named the bags after them. but a current day person wouldbe hard to pick... maybe SJP cos she wears it alot but i think shes no sophisticated enough for the image of Hermes
  3. Grace Kelly, I agree with NM about SJP not being sophisticated enough for Hermes.
    How about CBK? Or Aerin Lauder (not that she'd do it)!
  4. noone. i like that hermès focuses on it´s products and not follows the star media hype.
  5. Oooh, CBK. Love her style, always will. But, living, maybe Catherine Deneuve.
  6. I`m thinking someone slightly older and not in the media spotlight constantly, someone understated. Annette Benning, for example.
  7. I agree with lilach that I don't want anyone to be the face of Hermès ... I like it that way.

    I might only consider dead people like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.
  8. I prefer unknown models or even unknown everyday attractive people.

    I want to look at a nice looking person, but the focus be on the products. Like the one ad with the naked model and the look at her, but don't know her...she is attractive and immediately your focus switches to the bags.
  9. any face would cheapen it. they were very smart to use linda e. on the runway because it got them extra exposure and she has such a unique face - not a common face - and she is a face, rather than a personality (nooooooo celebrities, please). i'm glad they don't use anyone.
  10. Ditto on that, Lilach - -
  11. ^^ Another Ditto
    I like that the products are the real stars!
  12. I don't want a "Face" either, the products speek for themselves!!:yes:
  13. I agree, no "face" for me:yes:
  14. I hope they don't get a "face" to promote Hermes. Grace Kelly has left a lasting impression in my mind of what Hermes is meant to be and I just don't think there are any celebrities or models out there today that have the elegance, class or grace that she possessed. There can only be one Grace Kelly and anyone else would cheapen its image IMO.
  15. ^^^^^Agreed.