The Fabulous Life...

  1. I'm watching the Fabulous Life of Celebrity Entourages and Mariah Carey hired someone to carry her bottle of an LV bag! :wtf:

    Wow to have that kind of money!:nuts:
  2. OMG, Mariah Carey is rediculous...
  3. I know isn't that crazy?! It has to be carried in an LV bag.
  4. Get paid to carry a LV bag? Now that's a great job. LOL.
  5. OMG I just saw that also

    I was thinkign why can't I have a job like that.
  6. Aww.. I wish I saw this, I love Mimi, she's so over the top !
  7. Me, too! She's out of control funny sometimes, but I think she's sooo awesome! I wish I had that beautiful voice!:heart:
  8. all I can say is, is she accepting applications?
  9. Yeah I love Mariah too! I want her closet...its crazy!
  10. Wow Jessica Simpson gave her former assistant Cacee a bunch of LV luggage.

    I would hate to be an assistant you would have no life
  11. not if ur walking right behind Mariah!!
  12. aw, i love mariah carey.

    i :heart: her style and her vocal abilities haha.

    but that is a bit extreme.