The Fabulous Life Of :

  1. Sometimes-- but I love weddings of all kinds!! I'll even stop what I'm doing to watch one on a commercial.. my husband thinks that it just hilarious!
  2. Prada's, this is one of my favorite shows.

    The bad thing is that I noticed some of my spending increased once I started watching the show. For me sometimes it becomes like I'm shopping while watching television. I know some other people who have experienced this as well. Not crazy shopping addictions though.
    As for my favorite episodes, I liked the one with the Hiltons. I also liked the one with the IT girls and the one with the celebrities that talked about birkins.
  3. It's A Great Show!!! :smile: I Generally Catch It When I Least Expect & Very Happy That It's On!!! :smile:
  4. This show just depresses me...It should be renamed NEENER NEENER YOUR LIFE SUCKS!! :upsidedown:
  5. Me too! I love that show and I'm always buying stuff I see on there.
  6. oh i LOVE this show!! too bad we don't get it over here in Hong Kong. Gosh, i miss American television!!

    one of my fave episodes is's amazing how that guy burns thru money!! new shoes EVERY DAY?!?!? wow. such a waste, but so entertaining at the same time!
  7. LOL!! couldn't agree more!
  8. I love this show. Sorry girls, but my favorite is the first one... THE FABULOUS LIFE OF BRITNEY SPEARS. I know some of you don't like her but...damn, what a life she used to have.
  9. ^^ i think watching britney's episode will make britneys depressed! i mean more depressed!
  10. Is There A Regular Time This Is On?
  11. I love that show, but i can never figure out when its on
  12. ^ Angelie ~ Me Either. I Will Try & Find This Out.....
  13. I'd Love To See The Episode With Birkins!!!!! :smile:
  14. i love watching the emotion that goes into planning a wedding
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