The Fabulous Life...Just for Fun...

  1. I'm watching the Fabulous Life of Celebrity Entourages. There are some crazy things here.

    Mariah needs someone to carry her bottled water in an LV bag
    Kimora has a stylist that plans her wardrobe for everyday, even for her yoga workouts
    JLo has 3 chefs and an eyebrow technician

    My question is if money was no object (like these celebs) what would your entourage consist of and their jobs?

    I gotta think of my list...he he!
  2. I think some of that stuff is ridiculous! If I was famous and rich, I honestly think I would just do stuff myself, especially since I like stuff a certain way. I never understood that.
  3. Yeah it definitely is ridiculous but I wouldn't mind having a stylist and especially a hairdresser.

    Sometimes I don't want to deal with my hair so if I had the money I'd definitely pay someone to keep these frizzy curls tamed.

    And of course I'd have a chef..he he.

    I don't think I would have a nanny though, I wouldn't trust strangers with my kids.
  4. LOL! I'm also watching right now! I would probably want to get a hair stylist and makeup artist in one. I guess I'm sort of low key and wouldn't necessarily want 10 people by my side everywhere I go. Oprah has two dog nannies (not a bad idea either).

    On a side note, some of these celebrities employ more people than a small corporation. It must be strange to have so many people depend on you for a living.
  5. All I would want is a massage therapist. Full time.
  6. I would absolutely love a hair stylist and a make-up artist, and a chef wouldn't hurt either. I just wouldn't get someone for example who carries my water in a LV bag, that's silly.
  7. I know but its Mariah so what more can we expect? LOL
  8. I would definitely have a massage therapist and a trainer, and definitely a driver because I will not be taking the subway ;)
  9. Dog Nanny? There is a idea...I just keep thinking the more they have the harder they fall? Hahahah
  10. ha! now i feel like a diva b:censor: b/c if i had the money i would definitely do the whole, makeup, manicurist, stylist, chef, trainer, driver, housekeepers, at least two assistants (one with me with my schedule, the other to run errands and probably one just to keep me supplied with hot starbucks all day long) and a body guard. not that all those people would always be with me, but if it's my job to look good i'd take it seriously. :yes: i think i could probably manage to carry my own water though. :smile:

  11. I agree with you but on the other hand just think about getting used to having things done for you, after a while we would probably welcome it!

    My list would contain the usuals... having a personal chef, stylist and hair stylist/make up artist, etc!
  12. I would have a full-time chef, a personal trainer, hair stylist. And a make up artist for special occasions not all the time. I wouldn't like a stylist because I like to pick out my own outfits and if I were ever a NOT to do list, at least I know it was all me and not my stylist fault.
  13. Oh, I would have an Old School staff! That is one of my favorite fantasies, to be able to give people jobs, and pay them really well, great benefits, child care, the whole thing!

    My staff would consist of:

    A chef or two, and whatever staff they needed

    A housekeeping department, I would get a good housekeeping specialist, and let him or her hire whatever they wanted. They're the professional, not me, I am very messy!

    Gardeners. But this is a touchy subject when Mr Puff and I build these castles in the air, because he does not want anyone else to be messing with his roses!

    A hair design and couture team. I would offer my current Hair Artist some fantastic sum to just come work for me, she is so fabulous! And she could hire the help she needed, because the couture and design team would also be available to the rest of the staff, as a fringe benefit.

    The Couture Specialist could also hire her staff, and purchase whatever equipment needed to make everybody clothes!

    Oh this is fun!

    Now I would have horses, so naturally I would need... :biggrin:

  14. I COMPLETELY agree!!

    However, I would like a hairdresser (Ken Paves!!) and a makeup artist:smile:
  15. Ok, because this is just for fun...he he *rubbing hands together*

    1) Trainer - the whole nine (cardio, aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc.)
    2) Driver - because I hate driving in los angeles
    3) Chef/nutritionist - If I had someone to cook and plan out my meals I'd definitely eat a lot healthier
    4) Massage therapist - why not!

    And that's all...not really high maintenance with my hair and make-up so wouldn't change anything there.

    That was fun :yahoo:now only if I could actually have those things!