The Fabulous Berkeley Club

  1. Got one:heart::yahoo: and picking her up tomorrow. Our store only received 3, thanks to everyone on this wonderful forum was able to get my name in to get one out of the first batch
    Thanks everyone
  2. Count me in --- I received my call today. I can pick my Azur Berkeley tomorrow. I hope to pick it up in a couple of days, though. I can't wait to see it IRL!
  3. Ok ladies....
    Whomever posts the first pic, I NEED to know.....will the Berkely fit ON the shoulder ??? TIA !!!!
  4. Awaiting these gorgeous bags for this club!

    Go guys!
  5. Oh wow, can't wait to see all your pics!
  6. I'm very curious as well. Can't wait to see real life pics and congrats to those who got one!
  7. I got mine yesterday and it definitely fits on the shoulder, which is wonderful. I don't have modeling pics yet, but here it is :smile:
    IMG_2274.jpg IMG_2275.jpg
  8. beautiful bag!!!!! congrats
  9. Oh wow it's SO gorgeous! CONGRATS Jen!
  10. it's gorgeous. Congrats!
  11. Wow congrats!!! it's gorgeous!!!
  12. WAHOOOOOO!!! I am so wanting to see the pics! All kinds now! Don't hold back...shoulder, arm, handheld pics...bring 'em on!!:popcorn:
  13. WOW!! oh that's just gorgeous! pictures! pictures!!
  14. Beautiful congrats!!
  15. i love it!!!! congratulations!!!