1. Lovely collection! 😍
  2. Quick question. You have light colored Vernis (and Epi) that looks perfect! How do you prevent color transfer? Is there anything you avoid wearing with your light colored bags?
  3. Sooooo beautiful!! I love this color. I might be getting one for myself for my bday in June. We will see!!
  4. Droolinggg for days. So beautiful.
  5. Wow, beautiful collection!
  6. Hi Tia, my first LV was Alma PM monogram, I love the bag and using it for years. Then I was looking for a bag can fit my iPad, so I bought the Indian Rose Alma GM about a month ago, this is my first Vernis for daily use so I bring the dust bag with her all the time and take a really good care of her.

    I looked the BB, PM and GM at the boutique, the BB is not too small as I think, I was looking for bigger bag so I got the GM. I found that Alma has a wide bottom, but should not fill the stuff more than 2/3 of the bag so can close the her nicely without ruining the shape . PM is practical and BB is cute.

    The color is so gorgeous and I get nice accomplishment almost everyday, go for it, you will love her! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1367047448.148264.jpg
  7. I know I'm late to this, but OMG I love this. Looks amazing! I'm seriously lusting after a PM Alma :drool:
  8. Thank you!!! 😊
    You should totally get an Alma, it is a great bag !
  9. does anyone know why they are releasing an epi alma bb in ivory on may 1st when it is already out? thanks!
  10. I am not SA just listed those 4 colors for Alma BB when she was reviewing the May 1st bags with me.
  11. mine said same thing! she was just as confused as I was! I wonder if dlynn knows - perhaps it is a second limited release?!?
  12. hi doll! any clue as to why they are releasing ivory again on may 1st? thanks!! great pic of your group btw!!
  13. I will tell you that some of the stores received ivory back with the first 2013 shipment of bbs, but it was not suppose to be released until May. My SA knew I was patiently waiting for it and sold it to me before she was suppose to. It wasn't officially on the floor...she had one in the back holding until the release date. I have never seen another one on the floor during all my travels to LV boutiques in the past months. I did see one other photo on tpf where someone else had one, so I guess if you request one and they have one, they will sell in certain situations. Ivory was part of the summer release along with citron, etc....more bright summer colors.:smile:

  14. i have seen it in two different LV's, it was out in one LV and they showed me in another, but they were def both for sale :smile: thanks for letting me know!! i also saw florals a week before release date, no one must follow rules here - haha!
  15. Wait? What!! I liked the red lining. It's also on the website so unless they change it, that's a tad deceiving