1. Inspired by the Alma thread yesterday, let's start the Alma club just because it's such Classic and Fabulous bag!!!:love: Post away, ladies!!!:yes:
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  2. here's my mum's s/o vvn Alma (and others):

    not sure if this is allowed. sorry i don't have solo shots of it. but i thought it'd be nice to share with you ladies :smile:
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  3. Here are my Almas: MC, Graffiti MM and Graffiti PM:love:
    PICT2585.JPG PICT2595.JPG
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  4. Love my black and white MC Almas! Need to figure out how to post pics. I am such a dork.
  5. Count me in!

    I love my red epi alma!! A damier alma may be in my future!
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  6. I have the monogram Alma!
  7. MC ALMA over here...I LOVE THE ALMA!!
  8. I too have a mono Alma, it was my first high end bag.
  9. Black Mc Alma

  10. same here and man my alma must now be around 20 years old :lol: i still looks ok not fine but its ok for grocery shopping or as a carry on in planes i love her and will never ever let her go :shame:
  11. Great Irene, I am glad you start it. Love all your
    I will post my pic, DH took my digital camera.He's out of town for 3 weeks. I will figure it using my cell phone.yayyyy
  12. I only have 1 alma, it's a damier. I put a Juicy Couture cherry enamel charm just for fun, here it is..

  13. Very nice! I'm not a big Alma fan, but I do love it in Damier. The charm is so cute :heart:
  14. Thank you Cristina. I love these charms, cant get enuff of them..
  15. I have a mono Alma!