The Fabolous life of the REALLY RICH REAL ESTATE!!!!

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  1. I hope this isnt a duplicate posting----

    does any1 watch this on VH1?
    Celebrity homes.
    It's incredible breath taking.

  2. yup, I watch it.

    they make los angeles so glam! trust me, its not....paticularly around downtown..yuck leave my on robertson blvd and rodeo drive and im good to go :biggrin:
  3. I watch it sometimes also.. The guy that was looking at the 12 million dollar house, it was amazing! I wish I will be that rich ahah
  4. I looooove watching this show! The houses are incredible!
  5. crazy crazy CRAZY!!!

    I cannot imagine a 30,000 monthly mortgage.

    but when ur that wealthy, anything is possible!