The extra large Birkin, can anyone help please

  1. I sadly do not own an Hermes bag being a die hard LV fanatic. However, I have fallen totally in love with the bigger version of the Birkin. In the airport thread Pamela Anderson has one in etoupe?
    Can anyone give me any info on this bag please, I am going to waitlist for it if I can. I don't even know the official name :sad:
  2. It's a travel Birkin BagAngel and from memory it looks like a 50cm size.

    I doubt you'll even have to wait for it they're around in stores fairly frequently :yes:

    Good luck :tup:
  3. You are looking for a 50cm Sac de Voyage Birkin or Travel Birkin. For the time being I understand in the U.S. stores it is only available in Taurillon Clemence. Clemence comes in many colors and I believe etoupe is one of them. I think I heard there was one in the Las Vegas store in black. They are often in the Hawaii store as they are popular with the Japanese businessmen. They are beautiful bags, lined with toile to keep them lightweight, but they are still heavy and do not have any kind of shoulder strap.

    In Europe they can be found in the Toile/Barenia leather combination which is much lighter, but more delicate, as toile is linen/cotton and can stain. Naomi Campbell was photographed toting one to her clean up duty for the NYC Sanitation Dept.

    Good luck on your search!
  4. Thanks so much Handybags & Castorny, I am going to call my store tomorrow & enquire about availability. I will keep you posted & will try not to let Naomi put me off LOL
  5. LOL

    Keep us posted :smile:
  6. I always said that my first 2 Hermes bags would be black 35 & blue jeans Shoulder, both probably a lot more pratical than the travel LOL
  7. thats rather curious, i would imagine them to be extra rare. :girlsigh:
  8. You definitely have a higher chance of getting a 50cm Birkin than other smaller sizes. Who knows, you might chance upon one on the shelves if you visit various H stores often enough.
  9. my local store has one sitting on the shelf for quite a long time (black colour, clemence or togo?).
  10. Not really, they make fewer of them, yes, but they are far less popular than the "handbag/purse" sizes. In my experience they sit on the shelves for ages.

    A 50cm travel Birkin (even with the canvas lining) is a very heavy bag.
  11. I own two for traveling. They weigh a ton empty.
  12. Hi all,

    The extra large Birkin is extremely heavy. They proved to be durable for travelling though. I do own 3 of these in different leathers and one coming right up soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. Thanks so much for all the information. The weighing a ton empty is worrying me, perhaps I should not be so fickle & just wait for a 35.
  14. This is a HAC and I think it's a 45CM. I thought H travel bags were so heavy they were for private jets and the rich with an entourage of lackeys.