The Exotics Family...Pics Only!

  1. forest green croc porosus (photo from

  2. cognac croc porosus kelly (photo from

  3. bicolor (taupe/bleu) croc porosus kelly (photo from

  4. Cocaon Lizard, image courtesy of HermesGoddess, eBay

  5. My exotic family. :smile:
  6. Here is my special order birkin in havanne matte croc 35 with white stitching. :heart:
    IMG_0307.JPG IMG_0308.JPG
  7. I forgot my birkin matte anthracite 30 that I use all the time in the picture of my exotic family. :p
  8. Close up picture of my croc. JPG shoulder Birkin:heart:under natural light to show the true color (most of my pictures I posted previously look very dark due to lightening.)
  9. Fuchsia ostrich 30cm birkin with palladium hardware
  10. Cocoan croc. (porosus) 30cm with PH.
  11. 32cm Fuchsia Ostrich Kelly with PHW

  12. Beige Lizard

    Photo Credit: CDL (eBay)
    Beige Lizard Birkin.jpg
  13. my new 30cm tricolour ostrich PH birkin:

    vert anis/rouge VIF/orange
    tricolorotrich.jpg tricolorotrich2.jpg tricolorotrich3.jpg
  14. tresormakati's havanne matte croc kelly niloticus
  15. 35 cm honey miel porosus crocodile kelly with gold hardware!

    and 32 cm Niloticus crocodile kelly with gold hardware next to big sister Honey Miel kelly.