The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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  1. Has anyone seen this movie? I'm watching it on my computer right now.
  2. nope. I can't watch stuff like that. Too scary.
  3. Yeah I've seen it...I thought it was a great movie. I liked how it centered more around the court case than just trying to be a scary movie.

    A lot of people who thought it would be more like "The Exorcist" were disappointed by it though.
  4. I agree with Kimm!
    I also thought that it would be another scary movie with exorcisms, but it was much more interesting!
  5. I really like how it's a drama with some scary moments. I thought the girl who played Emily Rose is an excellent actress! Some of the scarier moments for me actually had to do with what was happening during the trial (the dark forces at work). And now I'm wary about going to sleep at 3am or waking up at 3am.
  6. :lol: :lol:
    Don't worry, you'll get over it:yes:
  7. Haha....I felt the same way after I first watched it!! Don't'll pass. :roflmfao:
  8. It sucks for me though. I always have a tendency to wake up once in the middle of the night to go to bathroom. Now I'm afraid to get up because I don't know whether or not it's 3am!:Push:
  9. liked the movie.. i was expecting it to be scarier.. it's oki i guess.
  10. I thought that the story was really fascinating from a psychological perspective. It raised some truly interesting questions about the supernatural, and about ethics.

    I read a review that said it was good, but more like a two hour version of "law and order" than a big budget hollywood movie, and I tend to agree. I LOVE "law and order" so that wasn't a problem for me...but it definitely had a sort of "made for tv movie" feel to it, imo.
  11. like this movie... it's no an ordinary horror movie, i love that it's about dilemma, religion, science.
    and most importantly, it's not as scary as i thought :P
    i watched the rign in japan version, it's 1000x scarier than the hollywood. i slept with my light on for months.
  12. I watched it, but kind of thought it sucked. ;)
  13. The japanese version is always scarrier! Japanese people make the best scary movies!

    I didn't like the exorcism of emily rose at all. if it was supposed to be more about the court room, then they shouldn't have advertised it like it would be a horror movie.
  14. I love Japanese horrors. I also love Korean horror film, it's a very different feel as it tend to gear more toward drama. Well, I like Asian horror films in general. Some of my favorite Asian horror films are: Momento Mori, Ringu, Tale of Two Sisters, and Three. I know there're more but I cannot remember right now.

    Hollywood probably figured more people will flock to the theatre if they market it as a horror film. That's what they did with "The Village" and "Lady in the Water".