the excursion

  1. is it big enough? I need to fit a few outfits, and other essentials in it but I dont know if its worth it!! Im going on a trip next week! I dunno what to do!!
  2. excursion (10x12x6)is going to be slighty bigger than 30, between 30 (12x8x6.5)and 35(14x9), so i'd say it might be too small for travel?
  3. that sux!
  4. Yeah, it's mainly designed to hold shoes anyway... :sweatdrop:
  5. The excursion was created to carry a pair of shoes & not much more.

    haha,John beat me .
  6. I could think it might be roomy enough but not for too many things I thing the interior is very generous and also the zipper as it opes completly for a short trip I would say yes
  7. i think as long as its a short trip, u dont pack extra shoes, and your outfits are compact, it should be ok. i really want one for this reason too :p
  8. ooohh I dunno what to do! Maybe I'll just take a regular luggage bag with wheels. My mom has a big red bag I could use. I really want a lv one but i dont want to spend tons of money on it and not travel very often
  9. Maybe Keepall?
  10. you could roll your clothes. i've managed to fit about a weekend's worth of clothes (2 jeans, 4 shirts, undies, and etc) all rolled not folded. :smile: then again, i'm a guy, so how much could i need?
  11. 'Tis true. :p