The Exclusive WALTZ Club

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  1. I know there a few of us out there with the Oskar Waltz or the smaller version.

    I'll be the first to share:wlae: :wlae:

    Here's my Oskar Waltz :heart::heart:

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  2. Here is mine:graucho::


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  3. You´re killing me guys!
  4. anyone have the smaller one?! is it dora?! I like that one...
  5. my mattress sales lady has a fake one and was showing it off to me when she saw my real was sad because the handle was broken and she was pretending that it was real... I was gracious and told her that it was lovely to not hurt her really turned me off of that bag....
  6. Ok. Here's mine again. I noticed the last one came up as a thumbnail :P

  7. I love this bag!!!!! Here is a pic of mine.

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  8. Gorgeous bags ladies :love:
  9. A few PFers have the smaller one.:yes: It's really nice as well but would have been too small for my frame.
  10. ^^ I saw a picture of Jessica Simpson with that bag and it was really seemed that you can only put a wallet, lipgloss and maybe a cell phone...not very big...that bag would be my ultimate dream bag! :girlsigh:
  11. The smaller one is the Macha Waltz :flowers:
  12. Wow, this club really IS exclusive. :wtf:
    LOL. Only 3 people so far. :P
  13. your bags are SO beautiful!
  14. I loooove this bag! If only... :love:
  15. i want the Macha Waltz soo badly :sad: how exclusive is the bag?