The evolution of the minivan *pics*

  1. I was reading an article in the WSJ about "hip" minivans (I'll post later) and came across these photos in the article. Too good not to post. For everyone driving a minivan or SUV - just think what it was like in the '50's!

    So what's your favorite?

    Station wagons, like this 1959 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country, were the original people and stuff haulers. Minivans pushed them out of favor and wagons have not experienced a resurgence in popularity since.

    Volkswagen extended the concept of a go everywhere, do everything van with its iconic 1960s microbus. It's so far declined to resurrect the model because of cost.

    The popularity of the 1984 Plymouth Voyager practically saved Chrysler from financial ruin. It's wood paneling was a stylish, trendy touch.

    Japanese manufactures like Honda, maker of this Odyssey model, have taken some of the top spots in the minivan market as domestic makers exit.

    General Motors is eschewing minivan production to focus instead on crossover vehicles like this Saturn Outlook. The vehicles feature third rows with easy access to the back in certain models.

    To attract new customers, Chrysler is offering innovative features like Swivel ' N Go seating where the second row of seats race the third row.
  2. Remember this "beauty"? Looks like a dustbuster! :roflmfao:
  3. Those old VW campers are so cool - and they still sell for a fortune! I think theres massive fan clubs for them too. I'd love to have a go at decorating one and furnishing it inside. My old teacher back at high school drove one and I'd tease him "you actually holiday in that?". I love all the new Chrysler's etc that are on the market now too.
  4. They've really come a long way. They're so nice now! I remember when they started with the "pointy nose" style. My mom rode in one with her best friend and said "I can't believe you're driving in something like this! You can't even see the hood!!!!" lol

    I like Station Wagons....They seem to be pretty popular here in Germany. Bart has one, mom has one, cousin has one, both of my aunts & uncles have one. I know more people with them than without!
  5. SO MANY people had that Plymouth Voyager. I still see them around, haha. And yes, crjhht, that does look like a dustbuster! :lol:
  6. its incredible how cars change over time! is that swivel and go seating legal?
  7. Hah my SO's first car was a really old Dodge Caravan. It was solid white with peeling paint, two bullet holes in the back of it, one side mirror missing, and the "D" in "Dodge" was missing so everyone called it The Odge. It looked like something used in kidnappings. His parents were so generous to him in High School :rolleyes:
  8. I learned to drive in a 1984 Dodge conversion van. lol. Anyone here remember those?? The classic '80s conversion van was a cross between a passenger van and an RV. Ours had plush carpeting, upholstered velour seats with "skirts," a coffee table, track lighting, mini-blinds, drapes, a closet, wood paneling inside AND outside, and a back seat that converted flat into a bed.

    I fully believe that my experience driving this big boy from age 15 to 17 was what led to me being an excellent driver now!
  9. ^ haha, my grandparents still have one of those!
  10. The Odge......:roflmfao: can't beat that lmao!!
  11. I have never liked minivans. Too "soccer mom" for my taste.
  12. My friend in high school used to drive his parents' Astro van. Me and my other friend would call it the "sniffer" because the front looked like it was sniffing the ground.
  13. I would love to have a VW camper and travel around the US. sweet!!!
  14. "The Odge" :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. You always post the coolest things! Love it!