The ever elusive SGH Tomato Day… I found her!!! Lots of pics!!!

  1. I’m so excited LOL! Some of you might remember my quest for this bag dating back to fall 2007. I was in Paris in October and visited both the “mothership” on Av. George V and Balenciaga Printemps, and they didn’t have this bag anymore, they were already sold out. I stalked a well-known auction site and I searched for it in the shopping section on TPF, without results.

    Okay, I was ready to give up and to just look forward to turquoise ’08 in March. :shrugs:

    Then, I walked into our local designer boutique today, because they had invited me to a private sale and I wanted to see whether they had new stock in. And OMG!!!!!!!! There she was, behind a huge matelasse bag and another bag on a lower shelf… my Tomato SGH Day!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :love:

    So I got her on the spot, for a great deal too, and here are the pics!!! What do you think?


    tomato1.jpg tomato2.jpg tomatodetail.jpg tomatoleather.jpg
  2. WOW what a great find!! CONGRATS she is beautiful!!!!!!
  3. Congrats.:yahoo: I love the Tomato color. It is a pretty Red.:tup:
  4. Wow.....she is beyond gorgeous!! Big congrats :yahoo:!!!!
  5. Wow!! I honestly don't think I've ever even seen the tomato day SGH combo before!! Very stunning!! Congrats on such a fabulous find!!
  6. Ooh...MAJOR! Tomato is beautiful!!! Congrats!
  7. Thank you so much ladies! :love:

    Here are some modeling pics: :shame:

    tomatomod2.jpg tomatomod3.jpg tomatomod1.jpg
  8. Really pretty the tomato looks much softer and not as orangey in your pics. Congrats to a new and beautiful bag!
  9. Thanks catcat, it's definitely a dark raspberry-blueish red, no orange tones at all. It's also a bit darker than in the pics, almost a berry color :heart:
  10. that bag is GORGEOUS!! It looks great on you too.. congrats on finally finding it!!
  11. Wow its beautiful!!! Just goes to show there is always a bag out there waiting for you! Congrats on finding her, shes amazing!!!
  12. Thank you so much!! :love:

    She has such thick, smooshy leather, exactly how I like it, smooth, but not too uniform... :girlsigh:


    and I got her on sale so I'm really happy about her!!!
  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart:
  14. O.M.G. That combination is absolutely stunning. I mean it. Gorgeous!!! I really don't think I have ever seen such an incredible bag. aaaaa why did I see this!! ;) Congrats on finding her so close to home!
  15. SOuth, I love it! Pics do not do Toamto justice! It is so amazing and vibrant. Really I am in shock that you even found this rare treasure. Your hot bod looks just beyond fab with it too! HOORAY!!!!!