The Event - on NBC

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  1. I've been seeing tons of commercials on this new tv series, but didn't really know what to think of it. Well it premieres on NBC tonight whose watching it? What do you think?
  2. We're recording it. The show claims to be on par with Lost. Let's see.
  3. I'm watching!!!! So far, it definitely has me asking 5 million questions, lol. I'm glad John Ritter's son is on this show, I like him as an actor. You know all this time I was thinking The Event was gonna me some supernatural thing... now I have no clue, lol.

    I think from now on I will DVR it. I got so mad when it went to a commercial!
  4. I'll be watching..I'm always jealous of those on Eastern time get to talk about everything before I see it!
  5. I'm hoping this will be my new Monday night show since Heroes got cancelled. :sad:
  6. I'm watching it now. I never watched Lost so I can't make any comparisons, but thus far this show has me hooked. All I'm wondering is, "What's going on?" "Is John Ritter's son on the up and up?" "When can I see Blair Underwood?" know, all the pertinent questions.
  7. I've never seen Lost either but so far this show is full of suspense. I think John Ritter's son is a good guy but I can't tell. Waaaaay too many commercials.

    Is that plane going to dive right into them?? I'm still confused as to who these "people" are...the lady Blair told would finally have her chance to speak, and whoever else she's working with.

  8. OMG, that was so good!!!! :yahoo:
  9. #9 Sep 20, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2010
    What the hell is going on?!
  10. Good question! I have no idea, but slowly things are coming together. It was a littler confusing in the beginning b/c they kept jumping from one time frame to the next, but it started to come together.
  11. I recorded this show and will watch it when I get home. I loved LOST, and even tho I know nothing will be as good as that, it would be nice to have a show that keeps you guessing and keeps people talking during the week and asking questions. The reviews for it have been really good and one went so far as to say that of all the shows that have tried to take LOST's place, this one's got the best chance - of course, there will never be another LOST, but as far as keeping up the suspense and holding viewer's attention, they say THE EVENT's got a good shot -- guess we'll have to see how it does going up against DWTS!
  12. I will check it out if it repeats.
  13. Yes, it's starting to piece together. I'm excited! I think I'll rewatch it on my DVR just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Very exciting though.... I must know what happened to that plane!!
  14. I recorded it and just finished watching it. It took me a minute to catch on but my the end I was hooked.

    I though the show was supposed to be like 24 (with Keifer S.) but it makes much more sense that its modeled after Lost. I was never a Lost fan but have been at my moms house many night when she was watching.

    I'm glad to have a new show to replace 24 in terms of suspense/action. It was my most favorite show in the whole wide world all the way around and back 3 times plus 20 million:P
  15. I liked it.
    I'm in :biggrin: