1. Hi everyone, the time is coming so lets discuss the Eurovision Song contest, it will be on your televisions soon.

    I would just like to say....Germany, what happened ?? :confused1: I LOVED Monrose :crybaby:
  2. I watch it only for Terry Wogan's jokes (OK except when the lesbian t.A.t.U. girls were making it more interesting with their tantrums). The songs are TERRIBLE: the British contestant is probably going to be even more TERRIBLE!

    EDIT: For non-British, Terry Wogan is a guy who makes jokes at every single song from every single country and has drawn flak from all Europe but I love him!
  3. My friends and I get together to watch Eurovision each year with copious wine and food and our own little scorecards to vote on each song - what makes it most special has to be Terry Wogan's jokes and the way he has admitted he starts the night with a full bottle of Bailey's by his side which by the end of the night is pretty much empty!
  4. haha lol Terry Wogan, he makes me laugh so much. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I was passing by the TV while parents were watching and I noticed these musceled guys in sprakly tank tops and I was like ":s Oh, so it's eurovision again..." :push:

    They were watching the swedish final. I don't really watch it anymore, but I saw the icelandic contestant on youtube a week or so after the final last year and it was hilarious. My favourite. ;)
  6. my Swedish Friend was telling me about your final...I loved that song by the Attic...its called the Arrival :smile:
  7. eurovision so soon wow time really flies
  8. Is it eurovision time again? Personally I'm not a fan and I'm glad it's not *big* here, but I can understand the entertainment value of it - but I haven't seen the whole show in years because I always find something else to do, lol. Anyways, Norway always place on the bottom, so it's no fun that way either.
  9. Did I miss it? I'm not the hugest fan but I do like to check it out if it's on. Who's the UK entry this year? I'm sure I've read it in the papers but I can't remember for the life of me.
  10. its Next week BBC1 making your mind up :smile:
  11. I've never seen Eurovision, but saw what happened last year with Lordi (I believe???) when they won. Scary scary band :sad:

    I'm not a big fan of Monrose ;)
  12. I was really suprised that Lordi won too :biggrin: But glad :biggrin: People might have voted for Lordi, because everyone was getting bored of some girl in a skimpy outfit singing a song that has like 3 words in it winning every year. iI hope we'll see slightly different music this year :yes:
    Im really not happy about our this years canditate though.. she's OK, but but..
    OMG that song brings back SO many memories! haha i gota go call my mate! haha
  14. lordi, scary??? :roflmfao:

    lordi are hilarious! did anyone see the interview where mr lordi said he was going to prepare for the finals by smoking cigarettes and drinking pepsi max? :roflmfao:

    i saw them in stockmann in helsinki once, signing autographs.. i didn't queue up though :lol:

    that british one is ummm special but at least it's not as bad as last year's. i believe that was the worst eurovision... umm scrap that, it was the worst song ever to be released!

    oh i know.. but all the other ones were terrible too.

    i think sweden might do well this year, now that carola isn't singing :roflmfao: