The Eugene Satchel

  1. Does anyone own the Eugene satchel? I like how it retains the cool chain detail of the Brenda, but it's also larger (for those days you'd like to carry more than a wallet and a few incidentals). I'd like to get your thoughts if you've ever seen it IRL or actually own it. TIA. :buttercup:
  2. :tumbleweed: I guess no one has it, or has seen it in person? :oh:

  3. i've seen it in person and i didn't like it as much because i thought it was kind of big and wide.. though idk how it would look slouchy with less stuff in it as a side bag.. i'd have to see someone model it. though online and seeing pictures of it i kind of liked it..
  4. I just purchased it and do really like it, but I am possibly still reconsidering to return it.

    I'll take a picture of it later today and post it for you.
  5. Thanks for your opinion, cinnabun! Yeah, the bag has me intrigued. I'm hoping more people will chime in if they get to see it/order it. :smile:

    Oh, thank you! The pic would be helpful! :kiss: Now, if I may ask, why are you considering a return? Is it because although you may really like it, it's not on the level of "love"? :shrugs: Are there certain style features you're not really feelin?
  6. I'm considering getting the Eugene but I'd have to order online so I don't have a chance to see and touch it before I buy. I'd love to hear your experiences. If you have one, how do you like it? Is the strap comfortable? What about the leather, is the bag super smooshy (like it looks)? Does it have any big cons that I should know of?

    Thanks in advance!
  7. I've got the Eugene in smoke and I'm on the fence. I LOVE it in black, but not as much in smoke. I got the bag based on the Streetstyle Photo that was posted but always seem to resort back to my beloved Rocco's. I own 7. *sigh* I like the chain detail--really cool. I don't own a Brenda but I know the Eugene can carry a lot and is ridiculously comfy compared to the Rocco. Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks, I decided against it and went for the Lia sling. :smile: