The Etiquette Rules for re-applying make-up

  1. Here's the situation: You are sitting at a restaurant with white table cloths and your date has excused himself to hit the head. Do you pull out the lipstick? Or don't you? We just worked up the top ten etiquette rules for refreshing one's makekup in public.


    There's also a bit on great cosmetic bags. Remember when these were standard freebies when you bought makeup? Has anyone been so lucky as to get a great little travel makeup bag with the essentials in it? Please offer recommendations. I just don't think they are out there anymore.

    You're awesome,

  2. erm i don't reapply make up in public.. but i'm not sure if it's a rule or not....

    i assemble my own travel essentials coss my very particular about the skin care i use =P

    or i buy the travel size items from dermalogica etc.
  3. Don't reapply makeup....especially in a fancy restaurant! I go to the restroom!
  4. old fashioned etiquette: you may powder your nose lightly and quickly and /or lightly apply lipstick at the table. anything else is done in the ladie's room.
  5. I don't know what the proper etiquette is, but I agree that I do not reapply makeup in public. Makeup is all about illusion, and to see the "backstage" workings ruins the show.
  6. I agree with not applying make up in public. It just spells skanky and trashy. I think that even powdering your nose IN PUBLIC is just wrong. Or even re-applying lipstick. Note: that's what powder rooms/washrooms are for!!
  7. LOL I'm so old school that the "rule" I learned was that you take great pains to examine everything carefully in the mirror before you leave, and do not touch your hair, your face, or fiddle with your clothing in public.

    The rule does not mention hand lotion, or touching your hands, so I make liberal use of that loophole, and I have never considered routine smoothing or straightening to be fiddling with one's clothing, and especially if it is cold or windy, I will reapply lip balm or lip gloss no matter where I am, or whether I have a mirror or not!
  8. I agree!!! A quick swipe of lipstick at the table is acceptable.

    The last person to challenge this rule with me thought it was appropriate to blow his nose and answer his cell at the table. Go figure......:wtf:
  9. Definetely not in public unless it's a quick swipe with gloss or lipstick when the person is gone. Also, not while you're driving too!
  10. I'm with twin53.

    When I was a teen I was SO tall I started modeling and they packed me right off for finishing school! There we were tought delicate, ladylike powder checks were actually encouraged if you have a pretty compact (I have a Chanel tri shdow compact, not a little jeweled one) and lipstick quickly dabbed on.

    A few moments of staring from others is expected - hence the pretty compact. BUT it was all considered less evil than not being well-put-together when your date returns!!
  11. I like to wax my moustache at the dinner table, especially if it is a five star establishment...

    LOL Kidding!! I will apply lipgloss at the table and thats about it ;)
  12. I always see women doing their mascara. That's just crazy! But I suppose it is sort of the last step sooo....
  13. I would do lip gloss but nothing else. In Japan many places had elaborate mirrors and a special area for ladies to reapply with little individual counters and a divder in between each mirror so it was highly encouraged but here in the states, sometimes, judging from the looks ladies give me, I feel like i'm not even supposed to be doing such things in the bathroom.
  14. You make an interesting point. I seem to get more weird looks when I touch up makeup in the restroom than if I quickly swipe lipstick on the run. I never gave it much thought before, but now that you mention it, why do some women give us 'primpers' cross looks for reapplying makeup???