The Eternal Question: Shoes, Belt, Bag. Must they match?

  1. I'm just curious to get your opinion, fashionistas.

    Can I wear brown casual Rainbow flip-flops and carry a black Signature Coach bag?

    Can I wear white heels with a black bag?

    What should I carry with my pink-silver-and-white tennis shoes -- black and white, multicolored stripe or brown?

    Can I get away with carrying a brown bag and wearing a purple scarf as a belt?

    What are your opinions on matching your bag, shoes and belt? Let's hear it, ladies!

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  2. I wear whatever. I like my shoes to look nice with my outfit but nothing has to match my purse!
  3. I agree with sprinkles.
  4. I don't think everything has to match -- of course they should all complement each other nicely -- no hot pink purse with orange shoes (just an example.. not that any of us would consider that...(hopefully)) :p
  5. for me everything needs to match
  6. I agree with sprinkles and finzup who said it doesn't have to be all matchy-matchy as long as things are complimentary/don't clash.
  7. I'm with batgirl - I need to match everything up. :rolleyes:
  8. I have to match everything up as well.
  9. 95% of the time I'm a matcher...
  10. Hmmm... generally, I am not as put together as I used to be, because I used to be really anal about things being a certain way...

    I usually buy handbags w/ color, so they end up going with black or brown based outfits.... I still have to really stretch to be able to wear brown w/ black, and in some cases can't do it. I can't really mix metals, but I am trying to dive into that, with all of the beautiful bags out there w/ gold hardware! (Coach brass doesn't seem to bother me like shiny gold.)
  11. I think the old shoes belt bag matchy matchy thing is a little old fashioned. I say just try to wear coordinating things that you love and feel good in. Feeling good in what you wear is worth a lot more than matchy matchy
  12. Nope just as long as they don't clash.
  13. For me everything has to match,i don't know why but i like it that way ^-^
  14. I try to match everything also.
  15. I have a friend who felt the need to match because a fashion police co-worker told her bags and shoes must match. Please, appropriately wear what you like. Personally I don't match too much at all and think I look lovely.